video poker games

Video poker began in with the introduction of computers. Ideas for the first video poker games began as early as the late 1970s. Video poker is traditionally based on five card poker and includes a wide range of modern video poker games that include other types of poker. You will find video poker machines in nearly all casinos around the world, even though the games were once hesitantly introduced in only a handful of casinos.

Where to Play?

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How to Play?

Most basic video poker machines are very easy to play. You are usually dealt five cards that you can choose to hold or draw. After deciding which cards to keep, you are given new cards. You can make sure that you understand the specific rules of the video poker games that you are playing by reading the instructions on the front of the video poker machine. Since there are some variations, you can see slight changes in rules based on the specific type of video poker games that you are playing. It is best to have a basic knowledge of five card poker before you play video poker games. When compared to video poker games, five card draw is very similar and uses most of the same winning combinations.

how to win?

If you are just learning how to play video poker, there are some basic things to know. First, make sure that you are familiar with the rules of basic poker pairs that are winners to ensure you are comfortable knowing which cards to hold and when it is time to draw. If you are playing video poker games, you will also want to make sure that you use a machine that offers the best payout rates based on the type of payout and how much is paid out to winners. For most, this means using a machine that pays out on any hand that contains at least a pair of jacks or better. Looking at the payout rates on the front of the machine can help you decide whether you are using full pay video poker games.

Choosing a video poker game that offers winners nine times more than the initial bet on a flush and six times the original bet on a full house offers players the best payouts. There are also other types of video poker games available that require a different strategy for winning big. Most video poker machines pay out a specific number of coins. If you bet five coins, for instance, then you will win five coins on top of your original bet. Since the betting limits are relatively low, you won't risk losing a lot but you can double your money by winning on any hand other than a flush.

When you win with a flush, you can win more than your bet. Betting the maximum amount each time you play video poker games increases your chances of winning more, especially when you stay on the same video poker machine for the entire time. The longer you play on one machine, the greater your chances of winning at video poker are.

Video poker Banking

You can play video poker games online using a real money account that you set up with the video poker website. Most websites allow the use of Money Bookers, NetTeller and credit card payments to play video poker games. You will find that the types of currency accepted will vary based on the website you are using. You can play video poker for real money by adding cash to your account through the chosen, accepted method.